On-line Particle Size & Zeta Potential



DT-500. On-Line Acoustic Electroacoustic Spectrometer

This instrument is intended for on-line process monitoring and quality control applications. It can continuously measure Particle size distribution and/or Zeta potential and/or Solid Content and/or Conductivity as well as the model DT-1202 Acoustic and Electroacoustic spectrometer, but in a continuous On-Line mode. It comes packaged in a rugged housing to withstand extreme plant conditions. The user interface can be installed remotely for convenient monitoring.

It is DTI policy that potential user of DT-500 must first learn and test DT-1202 in laboratory conditions in circulation mode using pumping through sample chamber. This allows verification of all input parameters, selecting desirable user interface, creation SOP. Then, after successful test of DT-1202 we re-package it to DT-500. User obligations include connecting the sensor block to the industrial stream, taking into account cleaning, maintenance, required periodic calibrations, etc.

Flexible cross-pipe (green) for sample handling is disposable and easily replaceable.This allows for simplified cleaning.

Verification is made by measuring sound speed and attenuation of water.

  • Real-time process monitoring.
  • Perfect for on-line quality control.
  • All features of the DT1200 Spectrometer (except for titration option).
  • Sensor can be installed in plant or even outdoors.
  • Housing can be hosed down with other plant equipment.
  • Window for easy observation.
  • Electronics Unit (operator interface) can be installed remotely.


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