Basic Models with additional OPTIONS and ACCESSORIES. Download BROCHURES.

DTI instruments consist of electronic block and several sensors. Consequently, electronic block has ports for connecting these sensors. Sensors set includes Acoustic sensor when the particle size is the goal, Electroacoustic sensor for zeta potential, conductivity, pH and temperature. There is a set of OPTIONS that extends capabilities of these instruments while a set of ACCESSORIES allows customizing sample handling and simplifies cleaning.

  • Particle size and Zeta potential with ultrasound.

  • Particle sizer and Zeta potential when minimizing the sample volume.

  • DT300

    Zeta potential probe when sample is either dispersion or emulsion.

  • DT310

    Zeta potential probe when 2 burettes titration installed.

  • DT330

    Universal zeta potential probe when samples either particulates or porous materials.

  • DT100

    Acoustic particle sizer.

  • DT500

    On-line particle sizer when sample is pumped through the cell. Zeta potential optional.

  • DT600

    Acoustic rheometer.

  • DT700

    Non-aqueous conductivity meter.