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Serial No. Research Paper Published Date Views
1 Characterization of CMP slurries.

Part 1. Resolution of Acoustics in determining large particles content.

Part 2. A new composite method comprised of Acoustic and Electroacoustic Spectroscopy and Sedimentation monitored with Ultrasound.


(December 1998)

(February 2003)





2 Electroacoustics for Concentrated Dispersions. (January 1999) HTML/PDF
3 Acoustics and Electroacoustics for Ceramics. (March 1999) HTML/PDF
4 Acoustics and Electroacoustics for Emulsions. (June 1999) HTML/PDF
5 Electroacoustics Phenomena In Concentrated Dispersions. (November 1999) HTML/PDF
6 Characterization of Mixed Dispersions by means of Acoustic Spectroscopy. (December 1999) HTML/PDF
7 Surfactant Titration of Kaolin Slurries using Zeta Potential Probe. (July 2000) HTML/PDF
8 Particle Size Distribution and Micro-Rheological Properties of the Structured Concentrated Dispersions. (September 2000) HTML/PDF
9 Influence of Chemical Composition on the Acoustic Properties of Homogenous Liquids. (March 2001) HTML/PDF
10 A New Way To Characterize Stability and Performance of Cosmetic Emulsions and Suspensions. (April 2001) HTML/PDF
11 Announcing Book Publication – €œULTRASOUND for CHARACTERIZING COLLOIDS – Particle sizing, Zeta Potential, Rheology. (April 2002) HTML/PDF
12 Ultrasound for characterizing liquid based food products. Part 1. Acoustic spectroscopy. (May 2003) HTML/PDF
13 Ionic properties of so-called “non-ionic” surfactants in non-polar liquids. (Feb 2004) HTML/PDF
14 Evolution of water-in-oil emulsion controlled by droplet-bulk ion exchange. Acoustic, electroacoustic, conductivity and image analysis. (April 2004) HTML/PDF
15 Representative On-line Measurement of Comminution Results for Nanogrinding in Stirred Media Mills. (April 2005) HTML/PDF
16 Acoustics and Rheology. (April 2009) HTML/PDF
17 Cement slurries characterization with ultrasound. Plasticizer efficiency. Particle size. Zeta potential. (May 2009) HTML/PDF
18 Monitoring nano-particles in the presence of large particles using Acoustics and Electron microscopy. (January 2010) HTML/PDF
19 Inter-laboratory comparison of particle sizing by Acoustic spectrometry (DT-1200) carried out by 6 universities in Germany. (June 2010) HTML/PDF
20 Peculiarities of live cells’ interaction with micro- and nanoparticles. (July 2010) HTML/PDF
21 Announcement: Second Edition of the Book on Ultrasound. (September 2010) HTML/PDF
22 Acoustic Spectroscopy for Colloids Dispersed in a Polymer Gel System (August 2010) PDF
25 Particle sizing and Zeta potential of silica Koestrosol (April 2012) JPG/PDF
26 Acoustic Spectroscopy for Colloids Dispersed in Polymer Gel Systems (Sept. 2012) PDF
27 Electroacoustics of Particles Dispersed in Polymer Gel (Oct. 2012) PDF