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Serial No. Research Paper Published Date Views
1 Characterization of CMP slurries.

Part 1. Resolution of Acoustics in determining large particles content.

Part 2. A new composite method comprised of Acoustic and Electroacoustic Spectroscopy and Sedimentation monitored with Ultrasound.


(December 1998)

(February 2003)





2 Electroacoustics for Concentrated Dispersions. (January 1999) HTML/PDF
3 Acoustics and Electroacoustics for Ceramics. (March 1999) HTML/PDF
4 Acoustics and Electroacoustics for Emulsions. (June 1999) HTML/PDF
5 Electroacoustics Phenomena In Concentrated Dispersions. (November 1999) HTML/PDF
6 Characterization of Mixed Dispersions by means of Acoustic Spectroscopy. (December 1999) HTML/PDF
7 Surfactant Titration of Kaolin Slurries using Zeta Potential Probe. (July 2000) HTML/PDF
8 Particle Size Distribution and Micro-Rheological Properties of the Structured Concentrated Dispersions. (September 2000) HTML/PDF
9 Influence of Chemical Composition on the Acoustic Properties of Homogenous Liquids. (March 2001) HTML/PDF
10 A New Way To Characterize Stability and Performance of Cosmetic Emulsions and Suspensions. (April 2001) HTML/PDF
11 Announcing Book Publication – €œULTRASOUND for CHARACTERIZING COLLOIDS – Particle sizing, Zeta Potential, Rheology. (April 2002) HTML/PDF
12 Ultrasound for characterizing liquid based food products. Part 1. Acoustic spectroscopy. (May 2003) HTML/PDF
13 Ionic properties of so-called “non-ionic” surfactants in non-polar liquids. (Feb 2004) HTML/PDF
14 Evolution of water-in-oil emulsion controlled by droplet-bulk ion exchange. Acoustic, electroacoustic, conductivity and image analysis. (April 2004) HTML/PDF
15 Representative On-line Measurement of Comminution Results for Nanogrinding in Stirred Media Mills. (April 2005) HTML/PDF
16 Acoustics and Rheology. (April 2009) HTML/PDF
17 Cement slurries characterization with ultrasound. Plasticizer efficiency. Particle size. Zeta potential. (May 2009) HTML/PDF
18 Monitoring nano-particles in the presence of large particles using Acoustics and Electron microscopy. (January 2010) HTML/PDF
19 Inter-laboratory comparison of particle sizing by Acoustic spectrometry (DT-1200) carried out by 6 universities in Germany. (June 2010) HTML/PDF
20 Peculiarities of live cells’ interaction with micro- and nanoparticles. (July 2010) HTML/PDF
21 Announcement: Second Edition of the Book on Ultrasound. (September 2010) HTML/PDF
22 Acoustic Spectroscopy for Colloids Dispersed in a Polymer Gel System (August 2010) PDF
25 Particle sizing and Zeta potential of silica Koestrosol (April 2012) JPG/PDF
26 Acoustic Spectroscopy for Colloids Dispersed in Polymer Gel Systems (Sept. 2012) PDF
27 Electroacoustics of Particles Dispersed in Polymer Gel (Oct. 2012) PDF
28 Electrophoretic Mobility of Poly(acrylic acid)-Coated Alumina Particles (Apr. 2013) PDF
29 Ions, ion pairs and inverse micelles in non-polar media (Apr. 2013) PDF
30 Use of Ultrasound Attenuation Spectroscopy to Determine the Size Distribution of Clay Tactoids in Aqueous Suspensions (Jan. 2014) PDF