Particle Sizing with Minimum Sample Volume (<5 mL)



Model DT-100 and DT-110

Acoustic spectrometer, Particle size distribution in concentrated dispersions and emulsions.

These two models have different sample handling systems.

Model DT-100 allows sample agitation with a magnetic mixer or peristaltic pump. Minimum sample volume is 15 mL.

Model DT-110 is suitable only for stable samples; it does not allow for sample mixing. However, minimum sample volume is 3 mL and sample cell is disposable.

Acoustic spectrometer measures attenuation of ultrasound for a set of frequencies, typically from 1 to 100 MHz. This ultrasound attenuation frequency spectra contains information on particle size distribution. Software performs fitting searching procedure for particle size distribution that provides the best fit to the experimental data. This software is based on well developed and verified theory, see Acoustic theory and ISO Standard 20998-1:2006. “Measurement and characterization of particles by acoustic methods — Part 1: Concepts and procedures in ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy”.

Measurement method is transmission pulse technique. Sensor contains two piezo – crystals with parallel face surfaces. One is transmitter, the other is receiver. Gap between transmitter and receiver is movable. Default setup includes measurement at 21 gaps and 18 frequencies. Such measurement takes about 5 minutes. Automatic averaging of large number of pulses collected at each gap and each frequency allows conducting measurement at the wide frequency range with high precision, 0.01 dB/cm/MHz.

There are multiple examples of using this device for particle sizing in very complex systems given in Newsletters and Applications by customers of our instruments.

DT-100/110 can be supplemented with a set of Options, which substantially extend this instrument capabilities.


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