Zeta Potential Probe for Dispersions and Emulsions



DT-300 and DT-310 when titration is included. Zeta Potential Probe at multiple MHz frequencies

These instruments yield information on following parameters:

– zeta potential in concentrated dispersions and emulsions (vfr>1%)
– zeta potential in porous bodies (Model DT-330 and DT-350)
– electric surface charge density
– iso-electric point
– optimum dose of surfactant
– sedimentation stability of the sample
– presence of small amounts of large sedimenting particles

Advantages over micro-electrophoresis and ELS:

  • no dilution, volume fraction up to 50%
  • less sensitive to contamination
  • higher precision (± 0.1 mV)
  • low charges (down to 0.1 mV)
  • electro-osmotic flow is not important
  • convection is not important
  • accurate for non-aqueous dispersions


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